Robotic Industrial 3D vision sensor

3D vision solutions

« With the new VISIO NERF 3D sensor, integration into your industrial process is simplified.
Cirrus3D is specifically designed to integrate the core of your installation without specific development.
Used as a fixed or mobile component, with or without eyesberg3D * image processing software (patented technology), cirrus3D allows the implementation of vision / robotics applications of incomparable efficiency and very high quality.


Easy integration

Dedicated to industrial use, these sensors are not very sensitive to the environment, dust and variations of brightness in order to guarantee a prime reliability and robustness of your installations (IP 65). Assembly, inspection, identification, location of a single or bulk parts are industrial applications in which the cirrus3D range will bring you an excellent return on investment


For more than 15 years, VISIO NERF has completed numerous 3D vision projects for quality control or robotic guidance applications. With this great experience, VISIO NERF introduces its range of 3D vision systems called cirrus3D. The cirrus3D is a complete 3D vision system integrated in a single, ready-to-use package, including the eyesberg3D software

High Precision

Your project will be more efficient and better performing with 3D vision versus 2D vision.


Software suite

VISIO NERF has developed easy-to-use and high efficiency implementation tools for the location of parts and quality control during production


With our different acquisition technologies, we offer robust solutions that take into account your needs but also the constraints related to the environment of your process such as variations in shades or color of the parts and / or variations in brightness inside the factory, as well as variations in the size and shape of the raw parts.

High Dynamics

Our vision sensors are built to withstand manufacturing environment conditions with ambient dust as well as fluid projections from surrounding machines.


VISIO NERF’s teams are available in all parts of the world to support your vision, and your needs in the 3D vision field for the automation of your industrial process