3D Robotic Guidance

3D Guidance : Robotic Guidance solution


Solution for the automation of precision operations on products with unknown shape or positioning. Solution for automating assembly operations on production lines. The analysis of the virtual work scene makes it possible to optimize the processes for the assembly operations or for the precision operations like machining, deburring, etc. The association of the point cloud with the CAD model data of the part makes it possible to better compensate for its positioning and shape defects

VISIO NERF - 3D Guidance : Robotic Guidance solution


  • Automating work precision despite variations in the shape of parts?
  • Strong shape variation of parts with low manufacturing tolerances?
  • Parts with high production costs in small quantities?
  • Parts with critical operating reliability?
  • With 3D control that can be used on misshaped parts, VISIO NERF makes the incompatible compatible!
  • Precise work on variable shapes!

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Automate Precision Work

Robot Guidance: For cost-effective automation of the finishing or machining of mechanical parts
For cost-effective automation of assembly lines.



The robot moves the part in front of the fixed sensor or moves the sensor in front of the part to measure the different zones.

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The robot makes the assumption that the part is locally compliant with the CAD model and requests the processing software to calculate local coordinates of the part, for each of the different areas to be worked with precision or assembly operation

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Precision work operation step

The robot mills each area by applying the correction to the trajectory of its machining tool based on the local coordinates determined for this area

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