3D Inspection

3D Inspection: Quality and parts alignment control


By combining the surface modeling file of the part to check with the point cloud generated by a scan of this part, Eyesberg® allows low cost production compliance control during manufacturing.



  • Avoid excess inspection costs on conventional production lines
  • Guarantee the production cycle despite the presence of the in-line inspectionl
  • Check for missing or excess material
  • Check the porosity of ground surfaces
  • Dimensional inspection
  • Surface roughness measurement
  • Measurement of shape defects
  • Real-time inspection …

The Complete Process

The implementation of the Eyesberg® in-line 3D measurement solution requires an initial global tracking of the part to check via a laser scan.


Local Guidance on a 3D scan

A series of local guidance operations are then performed to accurately cover all measurement areas.


Important Volumes

Bounding volumes are finally set to refine the measurement.



The calculation algorithm then performs its measurement within these volumes by juxtaposing the points from the laser scan on the skin of the part to check


Comparison of measurements with defined theshholds

The comparison of the point cloud with the CAD model allows to perform a surface analysis of the part and to check one or more conformity criteria: missing material, excess material , dimensions, roughness

Eyesberg 3D in-line Measurement then allows you to extrapolate the measurement result to a position on a scale for the part: critical/acceptable/good, and this for the entire tolerance range.