3D Bin picking

3D Robotic Bin Picking


Combine the CAD file of the part with a set of 3D measurements taken on the work scene including the parts to be picked and the environment (container or other). Comparing the digitized virtual point cloud with the part’s CAD model allows to locate the parts in the work scene, and the patented eyesberg3D software ensures that the parts are picked by a collision-free system. The robot receives in real time the position of the part to pick and completely empties the container piece by piece

VISIO NERF - 3D Bin Picking
Bin Picking


  • Automate part picking tasks even for complex parts in random arrangement
  • Avoid additional packaging costs
  • Guarantee a steady and constant cycle (4 to 12 seconds per part picked depending on the size of the robot, the general configuration and scanning or not in hidden time …)
  • Guarantee a precise and repeatable positioning of the parts picked (about 0.1 mm to 0.5 mm according to the size of the part)
  • Guarantee the non- collision of the clamp with the environment during picking

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Complete Process



The cirrus3D digitizes the actual work scene as a 3D point cloud.

3D Bin Picking - Digitization - 3D point cloud



The eyesberg3D software locates the best part to pick from these 3D measurements compared to the CAD model of the part. In order to guarantee the picking, the possible areas of overlap by the other parts are simulated by building a virtual work scene. The software also manages the calculation of the robot trajectory to avoid any collision with the work environment.

3D Bin Picking - Location


Part Picking

The robot receives the position (3 components in translation) and the orientation (3 components in rotation) of the part to be picked, as well as a “possible” picking choice among the different picking strategies that the technology Eyesberg® allows you to teach to the robot beforehand. Then the robot is programmed to choose among them according to its own constraints (accessibility, singularities …) and to pick the most accessible part

3D Bin Picking - Part picking


Robot Path Planning

the sensor is managing the robot path planning inside the bin for bin picking. The robot program development and integration is easier, and the cost reduced. Moreover, a free collision trajectory is sent to the robot ( avoiding the bin and the environment) which allows the robot to enter in the bin. A simplified integration, shorter associated to a highest productivity: a quick ROI