VISIO NERF opens a new U.S branch for its 3D vision sensors!

VISIO NERF opens a new U.S branch for its 3D vision sensors!

We have just opened a new office in Rochester Hills, Michigan!

The expansion into the U.S. market is an important step of Visio Nerf’s development strategy. It strengthens its leadership position in the field of 3D vision technology. This local presence will reinforce our leadership position in the 3D camera field.

VISIO NERF is already implanted in the North American market. Indeed, many installations are already running with our high resolution and high speed 3D scanners : the cirrus3D. These applications are mainly related to bin picking using robot and camera. Thanks to the technology developed by VISIO NERF, the 3D sensors are used for applications where precision and accuracy are the key aspects. The cirrus3D uses stereoscopic technology ( using two cameras) combined to pattern projection. The combination between the 3D camera and the software (patented technology) allowed to put in service several hundreds of industrial applications for 3D vision guided robotics, 3D robotic bin picking, in line inspection.

Machine vision gives eyes to the robot for industrial applications automation.

Discover our success stories already in production on our website, and our videos of applications pushing VISIO NERF and its cirrus3D in the top of 3D vision sensors the most efficient


VISIO NERF opens its US branch to develop its 3D vision activities