Visio Nerf Company

VISIO NERF, the manufacturing partner for your industrial vision.

For more than 20 years, VISIO NERF has dedicated all of its energy, creativity and expertise to some of the major industrial players, including mass machine manufacturers, industrial companies and systems integrators

With them, each day we strive to :

  • Offer them the technological advance required to solve their problems
  • Provide them with both the most complex and most effective techniques
  • Give them the benefit of our concern for performance, reliability and customer satisfaction
  • Support them with the best services, advice and deadlines

in short, offer them a unique relationship with a manufacturing partner.

Milestones  :

  • 1990: Visio Nerf is created by a team of passionate engineers intent upon applying automated image processing to industrial control
  • Creation of an initial dedicated electronic controller based on a then-revolutionary parallel processor technology.
  • Creation accompanied by numerous international patents
  • 1992: first installation, performing appearance and dimensional inspections of automotive seals; currently still functional and replicated numerous times
  • 1993: first innovation prize for an architecture (hardware and software) designed for ease of use and flexibility, which were and remain the cornerstones of the company
  • 1994: first 3D robot control creation and first step towards internationalization. Eurochallenge Award
  • 1999: “Europain 99” first automation prize for machines created in collaboration with De La Ballina Industrie
  • 2000: broad range of optical sorting machine applications, from lily flowers to the 3D inspection of rocket engines in operation, covering all industrial sectors, from inspection to robot control
  • 2002: release of the Visioscope 4, an ultra-modular vision system
  • 2003: first laser scanning applications
  • 2004: Vistec sensor for 3D inspection of glue beads
  • 2006: Innov’Space first innovation prize for an egg candling machine
  • 2007: first 3D de-bulking application by comparison with a CAD file
  • 2008: first optical grape-sorting machine
  • 2009: creation of Eyesberg3D. First innovation prize at the Vinitech trade fair for our customer Bucher Vaslin and its optical grape-sorting machine
  • 2010: VISIO NERF celebrates its 20th anniversary

More than 20 years
vision experience


With thousands of solutions fitted, in all business sectors and worldwide, VISIO NERF can offer you incomparable experience and a vital technological lead

The business experience of the VISIO NERF teams means we can always offer an innovative and productive response, combining robotics, mechanics, process control, computing and vision

Our solutions for 3D Vision, Optical Sorting, Control & Inspection, Eggs candling offer reliable answers to your problems and proven industrial robotic vision applications or not.

Manufacturer and Intégrator
of industrial vision solutions

 VISIO NERF covers all aspects of design and hardware creation for its vision robots and associated man/machine interfaces.

Its creations are characterised by :

  • Their technological innovation

  • Their intuitiveness

  • Their ease of use

  • The control using “toolbox” type intelligent and standardized software tools

  • Their extended inspection possibilities for users

  • Their positioning on process lines