The Visio Nerf programme at Automatica from 21 to 24 June

Booth A4.206

We will be pleased to provide several demonstrations of our 3D sensors at the Automatica trade show which will be held from 21 to 24 June at the exhibition centre in Munich.

For several years now, Automatica is the platform where specialists and deciders from around the world and all branches of the industry get the latest news on innovations. It is the ideal place to get solutions for optimising production processes in order to reduce costs and improve the quality of the products manufactured.

At our stand, you will be able to see a Bin Picking robot unit with 2 Cirrus1200 scanners for quick and accurate locating of parts arranged in bulk in large-size containers. Thanks to a camera mounted on the robot, you will be able to evaluate the performance of our products directly in an industrial-type unit on complex parts.

 Visio Nerf stand A4 206

2 Cirrus1200 in master/slave operation
Robot: Kawasaki RS030N
Integrator: Maschinenbau Kooperation Wuppertal


And at our partner Köhl AG, no less than 3 Cirrus3D sensors will be installed in different configurations. You will as such be able to evaluate the performance of the various Eyesberg solutions for 3D robot guidance and part inspection on line.

The design of this unit that was developed by Köhl AG for a company can be transposed to a production line with ease.

Köhl AG stand A4 304

Type of part: Crankshafts
1 Cirrus800 on board a robot for accurately locating stored parts
1 stationary Cirrus1200 for bin picking bulk parts
1 Cirrus600 on board a robot for finished part quality control.
Robot: Kuka

If you need any information, you can contact our representative: Mr. Sebastien Paille on +33 (0) 664 68 1585 –