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Foundry’s industry is a very particular one. Manufacturing process remain very complex and putting parts together, handling and cleaning are still a real technical constraint. Controlling and Inspecting are usually hard to implement throughout foundry’s process.
As part of metal, iron and aluminum casting process, controls are highly needed on parts, machines and tools.
One of the highest requirement is to be able to localize a part at any point during the creation, which makes the whole process even more difficult.
From inspecting frame, shape to rendering (sand casting for example), it is important to control quality and weakening among other criterias.
Foundry by Visionerf

VISIO NERF brings innovative solutions from the beginning of the process with 2D and 3D vision systems in order to integrate inspection from the start.

  • Control
  • Measure

VISIO NERF offers next generation solutions in order to:

  • Excess/Shortage control system.
  • Anti-Breaks inspection system.
  • Foundry cores, moulding.

After manufacturing cores, checking and putting together comes the final part

foundry car engine
Right after breaking mould, the part is still covered with sand, but once again VISIO NERF offers an innovative solution to localize, identify and select part in order to provide guidance to the robot.

Then comes shot-blasting where VISIO NERF brings his expertise to:

  • 3D Localization (to be grabbed by robot and dropped in a container or on a pallet)
  • 3D Identification (to be put in a crate / box)
  • 3D Inspection (to be grabbed by a robot)
Foundry visionerf
Visionerf foundry

VISIO NERF solutions cover the final step of the control process:

  • Shape and final rendering.
  • Dimension control.

Processing usually comes right after moulding.
Once again VISIO NERF is at the forefront of vision systems with a 3D bin-picking solution.
Using these solutions, you will be able to fully automate a finishing line.
VISIO NERF’s 3D Vision solutions can work in any situation (lights) to render and check colours.
This solution is one of the strongest on the market for this use, with 20 years of experience and more than 100 implementations on finishing lines throughout the world.

Among other types of parts, VISIO NERF can process and check:

  • Engine parts
  • Disk brakes
  • Brake calipers
  • Steering pivot

Our engineers are available for any advice on controlling, measure, identification, localization and robotization of foundry production lines in order to implement our innovative 3D Vision solutions.