cirrus 1600 – the latest 3D scanner from VISIO NERF for ever-increasing working volumes

The demand for handling or inspection of components with large dimensions just keeps on growing. This is why VISIO NERF has decided to expand its range by launching a fast scanner capable of digitizing volumes of up to 1,600×1,200×1,200 in less than one second.

Remember that the cirrus3D incorporates two high-resolution cameras and LED lighting capable of generating a very dense 3D point cloud (up to 6 million points per scan).

This point cloud is then analyzed by the integrated calculator, which compares it with the CAD file for the parts to be identified or inspected.

The fact the cirrus features structured LED lighting, as opposed to laser lighting, avoids the kinds of safety problems associated with laser use.

And what makes our solution so unusual is its very completeness, with everything contained in a single package.

Our product provides users with an all-in-one solution which requires no adjustment in terms of sharpness, calibration, or the diaphragm. It is calibrated in the factory and comes ready to use. We have updated this technology to reduce costs compared with the previous version used, as this required people to have some knowledge of the product and meant we had to actually visit customer premises and carry out work there. This also meant our potential exports of the 3D technology were rather limited in geographical terms. But now the issue no longer arises, because cirrus 3D technology has become easy to use, and its speed and accuracy cannot really be found elsewhere.