Main Goal:

Pick up / inspection of moving parts on the fly on a conveyor

The new 3D sensor from VISIO NERF allows the automatic picking of part on a conveyor belt, as well as the inspection of parts on the fly.

cirrus3D conveyor allows an easy and simplified integration, fast and flexible on your production lines. The cirrus3D is made to integrate the heart of your installation with specific development. This 3D scanner is used fixed at the top of a conveyor belt carrying parts, equipped or not of the image processing software eyesberg3D ( patented technology) for incomparable efficiency and high quality vision/robotics applications. Those sensors are dedicated to industrial applications, the cirrus3D conveyor have then a low sensitivity to the environment, to dust and to the ambiant lighting variations in order to guarantee a reliability and robustness to your installations (IP65).



”Plug & Work” product factory calibrated and autonomous

Ease of system calibration in a few minutes

Accuracy: up to 0,5 mm

Working volumes up to 1600 mm width

Compatibility with all robot brands

Flexibility of the system

Economical device: single housing with cameras + lighting+ software

Only 1 device to plug: less electrical consumption; less space occupied

Technical Characteristics

High density of points

High speed for acquisition and localization

High accuracy for parts localization, tenths of millimeter

Comparaison d’un nuage de points à un fichier CAO (option)

Userfriendly interface

Calibration in few minutes

Comparison with CAD model

Up to 3000 profiles/ s

Up to 6 millions of 3D points

1. Real scene

2. 3D cloud of points

3. Parts localization