More and more applications linked to the automation of production tools cannot be solved with conventional 2D vision tools. Visio Nerf has been successfully specialized for over 10 years in 3D vision technology and proposes to its customers a wide range of innovative patented solutions for a maximum return on investment.

3D Vision

The robots associated with a vision system are being integrated more and more in production factories to ensure the movement of heavy bulky parts in large quantities. Parts in industry have more and more complex shapes, and production volumes, notably in certain industrial sectors, are consequently relatively massive.  In addition, the unit weight of each part can make handling tasks tiresome and even dangerous for the worker.

3d Robotics vision

This is why Visio Nerf has developed around its offer a set of tools which are easy to implement and highly efficient for locating parts and ensuring quality control as close as possible to production.

Thanks to our diverse acquisition technologies, we can provide you with robust solutions which take into account not only your needs, but also the requirements related to your process’s environment, such as the tint or colour variations of the parts and/or the brightness variations Inside the factory, as well the size and shape variations of roughcast workpieces.


An example of a 3D vision application for the automated fitting of  windscreens

3D Vision  Eyesberg 3D vision

 Beyond vision limits …

These products integrated in robotised processes are based on an entirely new technology which consists of comparing in real-time a cloud of 3D points acquired by the programmable vision controller with the part’s CAD model. A small portion of the part, like the visible part of an iceberg, is sufficient for the software to identify, locate, and measure a part in production.

The Eyesberg 3D vision offers today a high-performance and robustness unique on the market to solve all your problematics, whether for robot driving or quality control.

The manufactured parts can be located alone on a conveyor or on a table, or dumped in a bulk container (Bin Picking) where only three dimensional vision can allow providing precise position information to a robot.

We bring unique patented solutions which take care of a number of requirements, such as :

– Tint or colour variations of parts
– Brightness variations inside the factory
– Size and shape variations of parts (finishing of foundry workpieces)
– Dirty or partially coated parts (case of parts extracted from moulds)
– Absence of a mechanical referential system for locating
– Taking into account the container’s deformation in the case of a Bin Picking application
– Retrieval or not of a located part
– Possibility to define a large number of robot pickable points

The programming of our system with the part’s numerical file (Iges, Step) has been included in our program architecture to increase your facility’s flexibility and thus optimise your production costs.

We invite you to look in more detail at our different solutions :

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