Basic principle

By combining the surface file of the part to check with the cluster of points generated by the scan of this part, Eyesberg in-line 3D Measurement allows low-cost production part compliance checking at the time of its production

Industrial needs :

  • Avoid excess inspection costs on conventional production lines
  • Guarantee a production rate, despite the presence of in-line checking
  • Check for missing or excess material
  • Check the porosity of ground surfaces
  • Dimensional inspection
  • Surface roughness measurement
  • Shape defect measurement
  • Real-time checking, etc.


Implementation of the Eyesberg in-line 3D Measurement solution requires initial global tracking of the part to check via a laser scan…

Eyesberg - Mesure 3D

A series of local guidance operations are then performed to precisely cover all measurement areas.

Eyesberg - Mesure 3D

Finally, global volumes are defined to refine the measurement.

Eyesberg - Mesure 3D

The calculation algorithm then performs its measurement within these volumes, overlapping points obtained by the laser scan on the outer surface of the part to check.

Eyesberg - Mesure 3D

The cluster of points is compared to the CAD model to perform a surface analysis of the part and to check one or more compliance criteria: missing material, excess material, dimensions, roughness,

Eyesberg 3D  in-line Measurement then allows you to extrapolate the measurement result to a position on a scale for the part: critical/acceptable/good, and this for the entire tolerance range.