Basic principle

This module is used to identify, in a heterogeneous flow, a part from amongst several hundred references listed in the Eyesberg® database of 3D surface CAD models.

By combining the surface file of the part to identify with the cluster of points generated by the scan of this part, Eyesberg 3D Identification allows production part identification at the time of its production.

This solution can then be used to apply a process specific to each part (robotic painting line, sorting, marking, etc.).

Industrial needs :

  • Avoid conventional decision trees, which are inevitably limited in terms of the number of references to process,
  • Guarantee the production rate, despite the presence of this in-line sorting problem,
  • Enable the addition of a new reference during production, without compromising the solution,
  • Ease of reference addition or removal,
  • Real-time identification, etc.


The implementation of the Eyesberg® 3D Identification solution requires the prior creation of a database of surface files of parts to identify. This database is stored in the Visioscope 4 vision PLC.

Eyesberg - Identification 3D

The parts are scanned at the most convenient time on the production line.

Eyesberg - Identification 3D

The cluster of points generated by the laser scan is then used to identify the part by analysing its characteristics via the Eyesberg® 3D Identification solution algorithm.

Eyesberg - Identification 3D

The calculation algorithm then performs this analysis and searches for elements characteristic of the scanned part in each of the surface drawings stored in the Eyesberg® database.

Eyesberg - Identification 3D

As soon as the surface drawing of the part is considered to be a match, Eyesberg® 3D Identification transmits the part identification data to the line operating system (PLC? robot, etc.).

Typical example of a response to an identification need: part identification a robotic painting line.: Eyesberg® 3D Identification enables the painting robot to select the appropriate paint programme based on the part reference it receives from Eyesberg® 3D Identification…