VISIO NERF awarded for its innovation: cirrus3D conveyor

Apr 9, 2019 0 Comments in Non classé

VISIO NERF has developed a new sensor in its range of cirrus3D sensor, the cirrus3D conveyor, which allows scanning parts in motion and localizing them thanks to its patented software.

This award, from the Vision Systems Design magazine, reward an innovative product on the 3D sensor market and its “Pick & Place” applications with a demand which doesn’t stop increasing for the automation of the industrial processes.

The main goal of this new product is the detection of parts in tracking on a conveyor in real time. This sensor allows, in association with a robot, picking parts automatically in tracking really precisely for unloading operations, identification of different references on the conveyor belt. The cirrus3D conveyor all in one, integrates the cameras, the lighting and the PC inside only one device IP 65 dedicated to industrial environments.

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