CIRRUS3D intelligent sensor

Dec 16, 2015 0 Comments in Non classé
Cirrus 3D scanner
The VISION trade show which will be staged from November 4 –to 6, 2014 will be an opportunity for VISIO NERF to introduce their exclusive new range of CIRRUS3D intelligent sensors for 3D vision applications.
The thermal features in particular have been designed with a ventilated, air-tight sensor. These high-end sensors, fitted with printed circuit boards developed in-house, have the ability to capture 6 million 3D points in less than a second.

“Plug and Work” Sensors

These sensors are available in 3 casing sizes, with a work volume of 150x150x150 mm to 1200x1000x1000 mm. A total of 6 sensors will be available for sale, with the option of purchase without the circuit board, for those who wish to use their own image-processing tools and are looking for a high-performance 3D sensor to address their own specific issues. When used as fixed-point or mobile (built into a robot) components, and equipped with Eyesberg 3D patented software which compares a point cloud with one or more CAD files, CIRRUS3D sensors are useful for setting up automated 3D identification applications, for online 3D measurement and for 3D location of individual or loose parts. This new range of highly innovative products is designed primarily for the casting, ironworks, and injection industries, especially in the automotive, aviation and assembly segments of the market.