Industrial Vision Systems and 3D Robotic Solutions


With the new VISIO NERF 3D sensor, integration into your industrial process is simplified. Cirrus3D is especially designed to integrate the core of your installation without specific development. Used as a fixed or mobile component, cirrus3D allows the implementation of vision / robotics applications of incomparable efficiency and very high quality.


3D sensor

3D Sensor - Blue led
Blue LED
3D Sensor - 4 MP Camera
4 MP camera
3D Sensor - Integrated processor
Integrated processor

High performance for calculating 3D points

3D Sensor - Protection sign
Protection sign

High (IP65)

VisioNerf-Icones (2)
Ultra fast scan

Mini 0.2 second

3D Sensor - Cooling

Guaranteeing a high protection index

3D Sensor - Autonomous sensor
Autonomous sensor

"Plug & Work"

3D Sensor - Watertight industrial connectors
Watertight industrial connectors

(Power supply and inputs / outputs, digital video output, Ethernet RJ45, USB)

They trust us

Our need for competitiveness and better ergonomics have led us for several years to seek picking solutions for parts in bulk using vision solutions. Visio Nerf provided us with an easily integrated and configurable solution that easily adapts to different products for which we had no solution yet.
The management of the system was fast, whether for our company as a user or for our robot integration providers. When necessary, Visio Nerf technicians provided us with their expertise in order to achieve the performance goals and were able to provide relevant technical solutions to make the process more reliable.
We can now peacefully entrust our usual suppliers with the integration of the Cirrus3D bin picking solution without the need for them to have any specific vision skills. Visio Nerf works side by side with us today from the feasibility to the ramp-up phase for more and more projects requiring an effective 3D vision solution.


Professional Associations

Visionerf is a member of two associations specialized in Vision : VDMA and AIA

Visionnerf received the 2017 VSD Innovation Award

VISIO NERF rewarded in 2019 for its cirrus3D conveyor

Robotic compatibility


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