3D Vision

More and more applications linked to the automation of production tools cannot be solved with conventional 2D vision tools. Visio Nerf has been successfully specialized for over 10 years in 3D vision technology and proposes to its customers a wide range of innovative patented solutions for a maximum return on investment.

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Sorting solutions

VISIO NERF solutions allow you to sort items to eliminate intruders and/or non-compliant elements in a completely reliable manner.

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And Inspection

FinalEyes is a range of automatic mechanical part-checking machines used to conduct dimensional and appearance inspections (scratches, presence of shavings, etc.)

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Eggs Candling
Poultry farming

For nearly 10 years, VISIO NERF has been deploying candling solutions for poultry farming (chicken, turkey, duck, pheasant, partridge, quail, etc.).

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